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SCADA bezpečnostní konference 2019

27. 11. 2019

Ve dnech 4. a 5. listopadu se v hotelu DAP Praha uskutečnila 2. bezpečnostní konference SCADA/ICS Security, která je součástí mezinárodního projektu FFF (Future Forces Forum).

Konference SCADA Security má dlouhodobé ambice řešit současné i budoucí hrozby, sledovat trendy a určovat správný směr dalšího rozvoje v této oblasti. Akce se zúčastnilo více než 150 účastníků ze 7 zemí.

Corpus Solutions byl společně se společností CheckPoint generálním partnerem konference. První den zahájil úvodním slovem generální ředitel Tomáš Přibyl. V rámci dalšího programu se poté zúčastnil workshopů i panelové diskuze.

Druhý den velmi zaujala prezentace Cyberattack in Industry 4.0 and its defence s praktickou ukázkou od týmu Pavel Klimeš, Robert Kominka a Rosťa Doubek.

Pěkný článek, kde je zmíněna společnost Corpus, vyšel na webu SIGNAL News. Stejný článek vyjde také v americkém SIGNAL Magazine.


CZECH CHAPTER - Nov 04, 2019

SCADA/ICS Security Conference Draws a Crowd

In November, The DAP Hotel Prague hosted the second SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)/ICS (industrial control systems) Security Conference, which is part of the Future Forces Forum (FFF) project. Participants and partners evaluated the conference positively. Being part of the FFF portfolio, the SCADA Security Conference has long-term ambitions to address current and future threats and track trends and to determine the right direction for development in these areas. The chapter was the main program guarantor. The conference was attended by more than 150 participants from seven countries. A total of 44 speakers and panelists from six countries and 111 guests from five countries (146 registered from eight countries) exchanged experiences for two days, along with a SCADA party.

The topics of the conference were divided into several sections and workshops:

  • Current and Future Cyber Threats - protect your SCADA systems;
  • New Technological Trends in ICS Security;
  • Industry 4.0 - Connected World, Mobility and IoT (Internet of Things);
  • Connected World - technical, business and legislative aspects;
  • ICS (SCADA) Security for C-Level;
  • ICS (SCADA) Security for MILINT;
  • Modern Communication Systems, Future Networks - 5G, Cybersecurity and SCADA/ICS;
  • Protect businesses against SCADA attacks.

The conference was complemented by a series of bilateral and multilateral talks, such as: A roundtable discussion on People Protection by Using Modern SCADA/ICS Systems and Research & Development in Cybersecurity, which was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Fire Rescue Service, and academic and industrial organizations under the auspices of AFCEA.

The conference also saw an accompanying exhibition of products and solutions by each conference partner, presenting a concrete solution to the impact of cyber threats, as well as the procedures to face and prevent such threats. An example is the presentation by Tobias Schroedel or Jiri Gogela, who illustrated in several practical demonstrations the impact of these threats and possible risks in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

Other significant participants were a number of legal experts involved in the debate that are not only responsible for damage caused by cyber attacks, but also for the protection of personal data and the safety of industrial control systems. Cybersecurity has thus proven to be a multidisciplinary field in which IT and security experts represent only one community of modern society. The conference presented an attractive program that included intensive networking during breaks and evening social gatherings, along with numerous IT and OT industry representatives that provided interesting information, news, new contacts and business opportunities for partners and exhibitors. This benefited many stakeholders from state institutions, industry, science and research.

Event Photographs:

At the November event, Jan Dienstbier, vice president, CIMIB, member of the chapter’s cybersecurity working group (far l), moderates a panel focused on recent and future cyber threats and challenges. The panel is comprised of (l-r) Tomas Pribyl, chief executive officer, Corpus Solutions; Martin Fabry, owner and cybersecurity consultant for Accura s.r.o.; Jan Vaclavik, systems engineer, Fortinet; Hendrik Dettmer, head of Internet of Things security lab, TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, Austria; and Kamil Tichy, Ministry of Defence.

A representative from Corpus Solutions demonstrates supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)/industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity at the November conference.

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